Saturday, September 29, 2007


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : MOTHER EXONERATED: SUES ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDREN’S SERVICES FOR MALICIOUS PROSECUTION, AND NEGLIGENT MISREPRESENTATION September 28, 2007 New York, Ms. Louise Uccio via her civil rights attorney has filed a lawsuit in The Supreme Court in the State of New York after the devastating affect of a false 2001 “Substantiated” Child Protective Services case against her. Defendants named in the lawsuit include: The case-worker, Noreen Boffa and various “John and Jane Does” unknown officers in the Administration for Child Protective Services, as well as the City of New York. Ms. Uccio, a loving and devoted mother, and her children’s lives have been irreversibly destroyed over the last six years. She was accused and falsely found guilty of being a drug addict who attempted suicide. Ms. Uccio is alleging that her estranged abusive husband’s relentless pursuit to destroy her for leaving the marriage was the basis of four investigations by The Administration for Children’s Services in N.Y. and Division of Youth and Family Services in N.J. In 2001; leading to this lawsuit. Ms. Uccio has been kept from her children for years with no visitation, no phone contact, and no access to medical or school records. Her estranged husband has successfully managed to alienate the children from her and erase her from their lives. This loving mother who diligently took care of her children according to her daughters pediatric cardiologist [Dr Putman] has lost six precious years from her children’s lives, during which time two of her children have aged out of the system. Ms. Uccio has no history of drug abuse, as proven in the original documentation that was used to over turn this case, which was available and should have cleared her from the beginning had this case ever been properly investigated. She was falsely accused, and maliciously prosecuted while she was able to prove her innocence from the start. She feels the case was able to be substantiated as a combined result of her civility, and respect for "authority", as well as her naive innocence and not knowing her constitutional rights. Although the false “substantiated” case was over turned on July 12, 2006, Not only have Ms. Uccio and her children not been reunited there has been no visitation to date. # # # If you would like more information about this lawsuit or to schedule an interview with Louise Uccio please call (917) 806-8301 or contact her @

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Check out the film, Jakes Closet

Please check out this site about the movie "Jakes Closet" Its a true depiction of the unconsicious and insidiousness way parental alienation occurs in families distressed by divorce. The movie depicts just how real a child's fears are. With divorce rates approaching over 50% versus 25% in the sixties, it should have a massive audience appeal, due to the content.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Parental Alienation Video

Someone passed this video on to me and I want to pass it on to you all. This explains PAS and the lasting effects on children. http:// I think every parent and every divorcing couple who have children should watch this. Parental Alienation DOES happen. Although NOW would like to say that the things we have seen and experienced are all part of "Stockholm Syndrome" it goes further then this. Yes once the children become emeshed in the PAS then one may also witness Stockholm, they seem to go hand in hand. PAS does exist and needs to be is just another form of child abuse.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Travesties of CPS

TRAVESTIES OF CPS........otherwise known as the Tale of Rocky versus the Son of Olive Oyl.

Well here is the tale.....

"Loving father" decides that instead of punishing his 14 year old son in the normal way of beating him with a belt or a wooden board, he would now give him "boxing lessons".

And "inadvertently" the son happened to "duck into the punch" leaving him with severely blackened eyes. Due to his injuries, he did not make it to school for over a weeks time.

When CPS was called and investigated, it was determined that this is just the "typical" way military soldiers tend to parent and discipline their children. It is OK if the parent uses "boxing lessons" as a glorified way to beat the crap out of his son. It is also ok for this parent to refer to his daughter as a WH***, C***, ect. as well as dump full trash cans over her head.

Seems that because these children accept this behavior and treatment as normal, and because they did not complain and tend to defend the parent that this is ALL acceptable.

Please tell me what is wrong with this picture?? A 38 year old Army Special Forces soldier boxing a 14 year old boy, who was diagnoised as being hypotonic(no muscle tone).Tell me how this type of discipline is "normal" and how it will teach this young man to be a productive human being??

Maybe it is just North Carolinia?? Because the people here in my state suggested that this man be charged and arrested for this type of "behavior modification".


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wow it has been 8 months since..

Wow, I just realized it has been 8 months since I posted. NOT that I don't have alot to say but it would seem in my best interest not to at this point....But I figure I need to at least keep this active. Since March I have hired a lawyer and have been in legal litigation. I have witnessed my exs slick manipulation of the court system. Court orders made by judges in July, nothing signed til October and still no action taken. Just more time to manipulate and alienate the children. More time to mentally manipulate and damge the children.... Again signs of Parental Alienation. I am holding up thru it all... I still believe in KARMA....Eventually the horrible things one does to others eventually come back and bite you back......

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I know it is hard NOT to put the children in the middle of a divorce or custody issue, but why in the hell do it intentionally??? We, as parents, have to understand that children are already hurt by the split, the loss of one parent no longer living in the home or with them. Why make it worse for them??? Why include them in adult conversations??? Funny, one of the things my ex used to accuse me of was discussing adult things with my kids. He used this when I would ask about what he may have cooked them for dinner. He had actually trained my oldest, at 8 years old to tell me that I was including her in adult conversations. Basically anything other then "how are you" was off limits.This pretty much made it really difficult to have a conversation with them when they were younger. It left nothing else to talk about and children just are not that forth coming on a telephone, especially when being tape recorded by their father. So now, it comes to my attention, that even though I was constantly reprimanded by him and the children for having so called "adult conversations" with the children, he in all actuality WAS!!! YES!!! AMAZING ISN'T IT? Not only has he discussed with them adult situations, he has given them details and somehow has convinced them that some of this behavior is ACCEPTABLE and NORMAL! Of course, some of the details were adjusted, to make him look like the good guy and I gues some of the details he just didn't care enough about to adjust as he felt his behavior was JUSTIFIED! As an example, apparently he told my daughter about his escapades while on a deployment to Dominican Republic. During this time, I had recieved several messages from some of the higher ranking soldiers there with him who warned me to NOT allow him to touch me when he arrived home as he had been playing with some of the local natives. I was SHOCKED but even more so when I later recieved a phone bill a month later for over $900. All calls to this 3rd world country!!!! This poor woman. she was obviously clueless. So I called her. Figured one more phone call sure wouldn't hurt my phone bill. SHe spoke no English so I asked her if she knew si Jacko gringo what up what up....(his fav saying at the time) I said Jacko married, in my worst spanish accent. Uno Dos Trez bambinos. OMG....she was wailing and someone who spoke a little English got on the phone and asked me if this was true. I said, Yes I am his wife. Several months later, I found a letter from her written to him in spanish. Upon translation it said he was the best white gringo. That she had just got out of a mental institution after finding out he was marrried and did not tell her. That she thought he was going to marry her. Anyways, the story was apparently repeated to my daughter. She confronted me with the knowledge of this phone call, although she was in school when it took place. She said I cussed this woman out and how dare i since she did not understand English. I asked her if I appeared stupid enough to do something like that considering she didnt understand??? Then I asked her if she knew WHY I called this poor woman?? She said, with her hands on her hips, a look of justification and defiance on her face, Because my Dad CHEATED on you with her. ....As if THIS was OKAY and acceptable behavior. Talk about REAL SHOCK!!! HOW DARE HE??? How dare he allow her to be part of this???How dare he allow her to think that this kind of behavior is OK and Part of a normal relationship???How will this information influence her own relationships now and in the future??? Since she is now a teenager, how aware is she that he is still cheating...just not on me but on his new wife? And if she is aware of all of this, then how aware are her younger brother and sister??? How does one JUSTIFY this behavior?? The disclosures of an adult nature?? Unless of course he tries to place the blame on me...surprise surprise.... Except... I used to never use the word cheat. I had a phrase all my own for shady behavior at that time that I used for many things. My friends even made jokes about it. Of course at this point I cannot disclose the phrase haha But later I will. Anyone can take a quess.... I think somewhere along the line my ex has been so involved in ALIENATING my children from me, that he lost sight of doing the right things for them and teaching them true values and morals. He is definitly not setting a very good example nor can I say he is a good role model. I am sure during the tribulations within our marriage the children did overhear adult conversations, and they would usually ask questions. Instead of avoiding the subject or trying to redirect their curious minds, I would try to give them simple answers that did not require details. The less they knew the better, but I felt that they had a right to understand certain things, such as anger or frustration that leads to verbal abuse. And yes, some of was a bit more in the adult category. But the children had already witnessed their fathers abuse of me so many times, I think they needed to hear some kind of answer and reassurances that this was NOT their fault, that they did not make Daddy angry...But putting them in the middle of this.....What in the world was he thinking... It is bad enough, apparently his new wife, who does not even know me tell them stories. Shame on them both, robbing them of their childhood.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY???? When people divorce, split up, go their seperate ways, whatever one wants to call it.....why do they have to completely shatter their childrens lives?? And possibly those of their spouse,(ex spouse)???Do they not realize what the end result will be?? Or do they just not give a damn?? Are people becoming so self centered that nothing else matters??? Even the courts of our country..... Have they ever questioned the parents on what they feel is in the best interest of their kids and base their decisions on this response?? It is pretty easy to determine if a response is a "learned" response or one that comes deep down from the heart. I am asking these questions and mulling this over for several reasons. In a marriage, even if it is only one person who is not happy, obviously the "happy" person really cannot be happy. Living with someone who is unhappy?? I seriously doubt it. Maybe a touch of denial there. If a spouse cheats on another, someone there is not happy. Either with themselves or their significant other. If there is arguing, abuse, or just plain not getting along... someone is not happy. And this has an effect on all others in the home. So eventually people choose to part ways. Does this mean there should be a HATE filled relationship afterwards???Not in my opinion. For one reason or another, these people got along good enough and loved each other enough to get married and have children. Just because they get divorced, is that a reason to begin to hate one another???Why can't people accept the fact that for one reason or another it just did not work. That maybe he cheated, or she lied, or whatever the excuse or reason.... Instead I am seeing it more and more that these people end their relationship and then begin to HATE. So filled with anger that lasts years and years. Is THIS healthy??? NOT! I had an opportunity to talk to one of my daughters recently, after a very very long seperation. The HATE that her father has verbalized to her towards me put me in such shock. Granted,he has done many things for me to hate him.. to dislike him..but.. I don't hate him. I may dislike his ways, his behaviors, reasons why we are now divorced. But I was still his wife at one time. We DID love each other, no matter how much he may protest this idea. We created 3 children together. Out of Hate?? I don't think so.... But listening to this young lady speak and watching her face it dawned on me.... NO ONE has told her how much she was and is loved. No one has told her how much she was WANTED by me or my ex husband. Hearing so much HATE expressed by her father, I can only imagine how she must feel. Well, Allie, if you ever read this, you were and are loved. More then you will ever know. Right along with your brother and sister. The other thing I noticed while in this conversation is the lies. And not just the really big ones... which, is all part of Parental Alienation....but the little ones that really don't make a difference. Silly things... I guess it makes him feel better about himself?? Maybe he feels validated by the lies?? Or maybe it is his true immaturity showing.... But I wonder if he really understands how much he has shattered the childrens lives and broken their hearts?? A child needs to know, wants to know, that when they were born, that they were wanted and loved. That the 2 people that they call mom and dad loved each other enough to create them.Granted there are other circumstances that this may not apply but with in a marriage or partnership, this would be important for a child to know. Why break the spirit and hearts of your children by filling their heads with such hateful things??? So they will end up as hateful adults?? This child who I birthed, who I raised, who my life little princess, who I prayed over so many sleepless not the same child who would whisper to cats in her own secret cat language that only SHE and the cats understood. Who cried when mama cat was having her babies because mama cat was in pain; Who sat up with me all night long as we struggles to help mama cat birth her little babies; Who helped me tie off little kitty umbibical cords with string because mama cat was too exhausted. This same child who would help anyone, who empathized with so many....has lost this quality. And it makes me so sad. The lack of compassion, the lack of ability to empathize with others, the dull look in her eyes........she is a broken spirit; she has a broken heart. And I cried.